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  • Lisa Widmark, The Mental Game

Take me to THE ZONE

It is a Happy Place where your best performance flows from you with ease. There is no thinking or trying, it just flows. If you have experienced this, it likely happened in an emotionally charged competitive situation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go there whenever you needed or wanted? Well, you can create your own happy place and practice getting there. This will help you focus and give you more control. Here is the first step.

Relax, close your eyes and imagine a place.

It can be sports related or just a place where you feel totally:

Focused, Confident, Relaxed, Capable, Motivated, Strong, Talented and add some feelings of your own- Stylish, Attactive, Clever, Tall. What matters to you? What makes you feel invincable?

Check back tomorrow for the next step in creating your happy place.

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