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  • Lisa Widmark, The Mental Game

THE ZONE, get to it

Identify a place where you feel all of the great feelings that you identified- Focused, Confident, Relaxed, Capable, Motivated, Strong, Talented. Spend some time on this. Where are you when you feel all of these things? It can be a place from your childhood, a vacation spot, you can make up a place. There should be no negative things that compete with the positive feelings in this place. Relax and spend some mental time in this place.

What things do you See around you? Take your time and look around. Name the things out loud. What do you Hear? Is it totally silent? Can you hear people, nature or some other sounds? What do you Smell? Salt air or fresh cut grass? Can you reach out and Touch anything? Do you feel any sensations on your skin? <A breeze, or warm sunshine, sand between your toes or great fitting golf shoes, heavy humid air, anything that you can feel>. Try to identify a Taste that goes with this happy place. Get as specific as you can. Now give your happy place a name - what is the thought or word that comes to your mind when you are there. Take your time, it is worth doing.

Next time we will practice getting to your happy place. In the meantime, spend some time there and enjoy.

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