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  • Lisa Widmark, The Mental Game

Completing the control of your PSR

The next goal is to make the pre-shot routine (PSR) a fluid, regular, connected, series of acts that become one. Like putting on your shoes or brushing your teeth. It should flow and be consistent each time and take little conscious control. **The exception here is if you are distracted very easily or get distracted during your PSR. Then go back to basics as you likely do if other aspects of your game go awry. Go back to doing each step while consciously thinking about it.** Adding a phrase or song lyric to this can help you stay focused and make the process consistent each time you use it.

Once you are comfortable with this, add your rhythmic breathing into your PSR. Start just before you start your PSR. Continue it through your PSR, ending with a rhythmic breathe during your swing.

This creates a regular activity that gets you focused and relaxed for each shot. It can also be used to check your stress level and give you immediate feedback.

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