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  • Lisa Widmark, The Mental Game

4 Steps to Develop a Professional Mental Game

Mental Toughness Activity: Play without mulligans and no picking up short putts. Play every shot like it counts.

Adaptability Every round will be different, be prepared to be creative. Activity: Reconsider your clubs - Play shillelagh golf. Play a nine hole, par 3 course with only one club. Or during practice, work around the practice green with one club, hitting a variety of shots. Next time try a different club.



Don’t get too upset, excited, depressed, mad, pumped, etc. Take one shot at a time and stay in the moment. Create an attitude of balance by staying focused in the moment.

Activity: Track your thinking - Notice any time you find yourself thinking of a past shot, or a future shot. Are there times when your mind is totally wandering? Did I turn off the iron?Tally the number of times your mind drifts beyond the present. Your goal: Get that number down to zero.


Any round of golf that matters is marked by stressful moments and emotional swings. Minimize them to conserve your mental energy. Stay in the moment. The only shot you can affect is the next one.


: Play your game all the way through.

If you are doing well or poorly, take each shot as an individual event. Thinking about the end result (something that has not happened) will take your focus away from your play and add stress.

Adapted from an article by sports psychologist Dr.Joseph Parent, author of Zen Golf

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