• Lisa Widmark, The Mental Game

Lack of Judgement Day

Do you judge others? Do you look at people and make a judgement about them? Many people do this throughout their day. I want to suggest that most of these judgments are negative or give us a negative feeling and that all of them are unnecessary. Try to notice when you are judging another person. This will help you become aware of the act of judging and how often you do it. Then notice the thought and feeling that go with the judging when you do it. Is it negative, positive, helpful, irrelevant? Often our judgments are subtle negative

that we don’t even realize we are creating. Next, when you notice yourself about to judge a person or a situation just let it go. Just see the judging and choose to let it pass. You can say something to yourself like “Interesting.”

Situations are often beyond our control and are there to be observed. We do not need to react to them. When we judge others, it assumes a great deal about them that we do not know. I believe that it also increases our fear of criticism. We assume that others are judging us. Try it for an hour and then for a day. It reduces stress and anxiety and creates more time that you can be fully present in what you are doing.


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